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Best Internet Browser For Android Mobile

If you want to access the web (internet) than you must have a browser that means an internet browser. You will find many many this type of apps in playstore or other app store or even in push ads (Like “Download the fastest browser or 3g speed in 2g phone – download X browser”), you

[Solved] The Contact Doesn’t Exist

              [Solved] The Contact Doesn’t Exist Many one of you have Android devices. And everyone haven’t devices from the same manufacturer. Those who have stock Android experience I.e. android in pure form without any customized UI from the manufacturer (Some company like Redmi, Samsung have their own UI for

Five Magical Features Of Your Android Mobile

Android is now probably the most popular OS of the world. Though Android is loaded with tons of beautiful and usefull features with which you are familiar already. But there are some hidden extra features probably new to you. The developer of Android that is Google is well-known to provide special hidden features and options