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Best Ads Free Live Wallpaper/Theme For Android

Ads Free Live Wallpaper Theme Android can be customized in a number of ways with beautiful Launchers, Themes And Live Wallpaper. There are plenty of these type of apps in playStore. If you search for launchers or wallpapers you can get thousand of results,  but many app developers flooded their apps with tons of ads

List Of Android Apps By Google For Business Purpose

Google provides many opportunities and services for businessmen and entrepreneurs. In This smartphone era you can simply manage and monitor your business and statistics with  Android apps. Here is a list of Android apps provided by Google LLC to manage your business and Google products. Google Analytics: If you are a webmaster thanGoogle Analytics is

Best Ads Free RAM Cleaner For Android

Smartphone users always worried about the speed of their phone. In this ultra modern era everyone wants to be as fast as possible, and hence they wants their phones also work as smooth as possible. The cache memory and RAM are the key points on which speed of every gadgets depend. But we can not

Best Ads Free Photo Editor For Android

Probably no one is satisfied with their captured image, and uses photo editors to satisfy themselves. Photo editors are important for useful works too. There are plenty of photo editing free softwares available, though they have a lot of features but show too many ads. And intrusive ads are hated by almost everyone. So I

Best Ads Free Pdf/ePub Reader For Android

There are many pdf /ePub readers available, and you are using one of them surely. But is your app looks like a bloatware? Many free apps are ad supported, but they put to much ads everywhere including banner, app referels and push ads. I am writing this fo help you get rid of this as

Best Ads Free Torrent Client For Android

If you want to download torrent files from internet you must have a torrent client to do the task. Probably uTorrent is the most popular torrent client for both Mobile and PC users. But it displayed too much ads – like banner, push- ads, flash-video ads, prompt to install ads etc. requires large resources and