Best Internet Browser For Android Mobile

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If you want to access the web (internet) than you must have a browser that means an internet browser. You will find many many this type of apps in playstore or other app store or even in push ads (Like “Download the fastest browser or 3g speed in 2g phone – download X browser”), you download this and you found this browser is also a bloatware or adware pushing too much ads. So you have to choose a good one for you, but honestly a single browser can’t fulfill your requirements. Different browsers have their own specialities, and different features.
Lets have a look on them…
Though Chrome is default browser in android Opera is now doing better than chrome. Opera is a bit slower than Chrome but when you compare with other aspects than I think Opera is better. As like load handling, editing texts in a large sized page, and easy navigation. It has a inbuilt ad-blocker which can block most unwanted pop-up and pop-under ads. People said that in Android only the default browser Chrome supports JavaScript but actually I think Opera supports JS better than Chrome in many cases. You can view pages in desktop mode also. Security is also good. It don’t push sticky ads or push-ads to you, so Opera is none the less a good choice.
 Pros:  Can handle load, no push ads, built-in adblocker, speed is good.
Cons: Consumes much data, download manager is not good.
Google play rating:4.3Download Opera from googleplay. 
Chrome is the default browser for android. In most devices it is pre-installed in the device. If you haven’t Chrome you can download it from google play. Chrome supports javascript almost fully, and can handle large web-pages. The best of Chrome is its security, if you have to use net-banking, or other  important private works then Chrome is the best choice. It can load busy websites when other browsers cannot load
that page. When you have slower internet connection Chrome loads 
pages via in a compressed mode, saving your data and time.
Pros: Can handle large data, supports JS fully, security very high, loads pages faster in slow connection than other browsers.
Cons: Redirects to specific apps automatically (that is if you want to open and you have Amazon app in your phone than it redirects you to the amazon app), in googleweblight mode some site does not work correctly, download manager is outdated.
Google play rating:4.3 Download Chrome. 
Mozilla Firefox:    
Mozilla Firefox or simply Firefox is probably the most reputed browser in the world.
Almost every pc user uses it, but Firefox for mobile is not so better as it is in pc version. Consumes large space with a high background data usage and high battery usage. And with updates Firefox is going slower and slower. But in the question of security Firefox is unbeatable. Now Firefox added a new feature that websites can’t track you when you turn do not track option. Also an ad-blocker (ABP) extension available for Firefox is a strong ad-blocker can block almost all pop-up and pop-under ads. A very good feature of Firefox is you can customize it with themes provided by Mozilla at no cost. 
Pros: Security is very strong, customizable theme, donot track feature, Ad-blocker extension.
Cons: Too too slow, consumes large RAM and space, drains battery quickly download manager outdated. 
Google play rating:4.4 Download Firefox. 

UC Browser: 

 Probably you have noticed that one thing is common in the above three browsers- download manager is not good. UC can solve your problem efficiently. It has a very good download manager and file manager too. It uses cloud boost technology therefore webpages loads faster than other browsers. To download large files Uc is very efficient. Its download manager shows speed, remaining time, supports pause-resume feature. But in question of security you may have to compromise – do not use for confidential works. And the worst thing is ads— too many ads.
Pros: Download speed very high , powerful download manager, webpages loads quickly.
Cons: Too many ads, doesn’t execute complex scripts, downloads apk files without permissions, high background data usage.
Google play rating:4.5 Download UC Browser  

Mini Browsers 

Probably you have seen web browsers Opera Mini, UC Mini etc. These are miniature versions of the main.
Opera Mini:
Opera Mini is the mini version of Opera. Mini browsers loads pages very faster, consumes less data. As mini browsers do not load scripts pages loads faster, but you have to compromise with the page design. Opera Mini has a strong in-built ad-blocker helps you to browse ads-freely.
Pros: Small size app, consumes less data, loads page faster, ads-free experience.
Cons: Don’t execute scripts, compromise with the page quality.
Google play rating:4.4 Download Opera Mini   

UC Mini:

Uc  mini is also mini version of Uc Browser. It has a powerful download manger. Download large files smoothly.It loads very fast but one problem is it pushes ads to your phone, downloads apk files without permission.
Pros: Downloads very Fast, uses less battery and background data.
Cons: Too many ads.
Google play rating:4.4 Download Uc Mini.

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